Trans Sahara Oil Services.

Project Management & Services

Trans Sahara provide management of EPC medium projects. Among the services that can be provided in this division:

• Feasibility Study
• Process Design
• Engineering
• Project Management
• Supervision
• Maintenance

In particular:

• Issuing executive and detailed drawing, necessary for the execution of the work realized by the subcontractor.
• Issuing contract documents for the construction activities to be realized by the Contractors.
• Planning of the Site activities concerning forecast evaluation about realization time for each category.
• Materials purchase.
• Work management and Supervision services.
• Safety and quality Coordination.
• Mechanical completion and unit preparation to start-up
• Accounting works.


TS has long established the following premises in order to facilitate proper services:

• Head Office in Tripoli
• Benghazi support Office
• Tripoli Main Warehouse
• Benghazi Warehouse
• Terminal at Misurata Free Zone
• Mobile Distribution Warehouse for Lubricants